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Display Shed Outlet

In order to qualify for the purchase and delivery of a display shed from the Sheds USA Display Sheds Outlet, you'll need to ensure that your site meets certain requirements.


Does your site have 15 feet of vertical and12 feet of horizontal drivable clearance available along the entire path?

Clear Path:

Is the path that the truck/trailer combination must drive on its way to the offload site clear of obstruction (stumps, large rocks, power lines, fences, shrubs, trees, curbs, steep inclines or declines)?

Level Site:

Is the site for the display shed level?


Your Display Shed will be delivered "as is" with no warranty. Please indicate whether you accept these terms.

I Qualify



Display Shed Preparation Guide

Five steps to a sucessful display shed installation

Please carefully read and follow the instructions on this page. It is important you take action on the items outlined here to understand and meet delivery requirements, as well as prepare your site to accomplish a successful delivery.

Step 1: Check and Meet Delivery Requirements

Clearances and Access

Your fully built Display Shed will be delivered on a truck/trailer combination which is approximately 10ft wide x 43ft long (as big as a full size school bus). The truck/trailer will need to back into the site, park, and offload within 10 feet of the final location for your shed.

For successful delivery you will need to verify and agree that your site will meet the criteria below.


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.52.33 AM.png

15 feet of vertical clearance and 12 feet of horizontal clearance is available along the entire path in which the truck/trailer combination will drive to get to the final off-load position carrying the fully built shed. If the delivery person arrives and determines that there is not appropriate access to back the truck/trailer up to the shed site, it is understood that the shed will be off-loaded on the property as close to the intended locati on as possible.

If our driver comes to the delivery location having loaded and transported the shed, and delivery is refused or canceled, a $250.00 fee will apply.

Clear Path

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.52.48 AM.png

The path that the truck/trailer must drive on its way to the offload site for the shed is clear of stumps, large rocks, power lines, fences, shrubs, trees, curbs, steep inclines or declines and obstacles.

Level Site

The site will be level, prepared, and marked as described in Step 4 (It is understood that delivery on sono-tubes, platforms, or special footings is not done).

Drive on Lawn

You must authorize Home Installation Professionals (H.I.P.) to drive and /or park their truck/trailer combination on your property. Neither Home Installation Professionals (H.I.P.) nor its contractors or sales agents will be liable if any damage occurs or ruts occur to my property including but not limited to lawns, landscaping, buildings, septic or irrigation systems, fences, etc.

You must take fully responsibility and release Home Installation Professionals (H.I.P.) and its employees, contractors, or sales agents from any liabilities that may ensue from this delivery (including towing charges should equipment get trapped on my property).

Step 2: Provide Loading and Off-Loading Instructions

Loading and Off Loading

It is important to understand that your shed can only be loaded on our truck/trailer in one of two ways. You will need to choose the option that will require the least amount of rotation once off-loaded. Our truck/trailer will back up to the site. We offer several shed designs, so please read carefully and choose the appropriate orientation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.57.48 AM.png

Standard Shed Designs:

Shed FRONT facing the driver’s side of the truck


Shed FRONT facing the passenger side of the truck


VAL-U, MAX, Advanta, Greenhouse, Potting Shed Designs:

Shed DOOR facing the rear end of the truck/trailer


Shed BACK facing the rear end of the truck/trailer

Step 3: Determine if You Need a Building Permit

Check with your town/county to determine if a building permit is required.

Permit requirements are the responsibility of the customer and must be secured prior to scheduling a delivery date.

Building codes in many towns and counties may require specific foundations or the need to purchase additional items such as anchor kits to meet specific criteria. Please make us aware of such needs as soon as possible.

If you live within a Homeowners Association, please check if you are required to get HOA approval prior to scheduling delivery.

Step 4: Prepare and Mark Your Site

Select a Good Location for Your Shed

Land quality is important. When choosing the location for your shed, consider all factors, including proper drainage, firmness of the ground, etc.

Clearance around the shed should be 3 feet away from any fences trees or other obstacles.

Level the Ground

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 12.00.03 PM.png


The land grade must be less than a 6” slope from the highest point to the lowest point. The area should be clear of any protruding rocks, stumps or other obstructions. Identify the highest corner using a “line level” and check the height of the other 3 corners of your site. Line levels are available at any hardware store, or call us and we will be more than happy to mail you one.

Mark Your Site

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 12.00.12 PM.png

You will be mailed four white flags and one red flag in your preparation guide. Using the five flags, please have the site marked, to the actual shed footprint prior to delivery.

Indicate the four corners of the shed using the white flags.

Indicate the main or double door location with the red flag.

If the shed location is marked you do not need to be home for the delivery.

Step 5: Schedule Your Display Delivery


Home Installation Professionals will call you within one week of your purchase to review your order and the necessary requirements.

Our products are typically delivered Monday – Friday. We want to advise you in advance that our drivers deliver multiple sheds a day. We ask for your understanding if any unforeseen event affects your delivery schedule.

Sheds are not returnable. If your fully built shed cannot be delivered to the intended location, it will be off-loaded as close to the desired location as possible. If there is no access into your property, the shed will be curbside delivery only. If our driver comes to the delivery location having loaded and transported your shed, and delivery is refused or canceled a $250.00 fee will apply.

HIP does its best to accommodate customers’ schedules, however, postponement may result in additional fees. Please contact HIP immediately.